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You want to recruit the best matching students for your programmes with minimal cost and effort.

But universities are no web shops, where the customer sees an ad in Google and 5 minutes later bought a new pair of shoes. It is a longer process with many parties (and systems) involved: especially your own quality criteria, if an applicant is eligible to study at your institution. This increases the complexity for matching the marketing investments with the students on campus.

We bring in 5 years of experience in this field and have assessed the results of 200+ marketing campaigns at more than 40 universities across the globe. This expertise can help you to see the outcome of your marketing activities, and implement industry best practices, which allow you to get these insights with minimal effort. We have a successful collaboration when you reach your target audience through proven channels, for a great price, followed by a thorough result analysis.

Especially the analysis is dear to us, as it is the basis of knowing good channels and negotiating discounts with suppliers. To enhance your analysis options we can talk about the possibilities you have (offline & online), deliver supporting arguments for i.e. desired website improvements, or even implement it at your university.

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"Elias' profound expertise on web analytics helped us to optimize our tracking efforts in Google Analytics for the university website. After his workshop we were able to define a useful set of goals and conversions, and to publish custom reports for our management."
Christine Goethals, Coördinator webcommunicatie, Antwerpen University

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    When discussing with clients how they compare esp. online channels the advanced ones mention how much they have to pay per conversion. It becomes interesting then looking at what conversion they mean. Towards: Visitor/User, Lead, Applicant, Paid application fee, Accepted, Enrolled, Student, or Alumnus (the latter is mainly desired by…
  • Shortcutting Analytics Shortcutting Analytics
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    Google Analytics can be a pain. Once you got the hang of it, they change their wording, layout, and if you don’t use it regularly it takes an hour to find the data you were looking for. And everything without finally knowing if you got a student, or just another…

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